This Song is For You!

For the little girl in you…

    who's voice was silenced many years ago.

    who was abandoned or conditioned to be seen and not heard.

    who was treated as a “secret” and hidden away or rejected by family.

    who was abused physically and/or emotionally.

    who was molested by a family or stranger.

    who has taken on the belief that you are not worthy, not good enough or lovable.

    who has dimmed her light for so long and feels as though life doesn’t matter.

    who has lost her voice and don’t know where to begin to find it.

    who appear to have it all together and yet is crying on the inside…

This song is for you!

“I am love, I am light and it’s time for me to shine bright.  

The world has yet to see what God has in sight.

I’m letting go of the past and embracing all that I am and all that I’m to be.

Get ready world, for the brand new me. 

I’m ready to stake my claim for all the world see.

I am Love, I am Light, and it’s time for me to shine bright.“ 

Today is the day to reclaim your voice, stand and be seen!  Those beliefs you once had, its time to let them go and create new beliefs.    

No longer will those old beliefs dictate every step your life.  It’s time to decide how you want to show up in this world.  It’s time to dream again, love again and live the life you desire.

It is time for you to write your own song and sing it loud and clear for all the world to hear.

What’s your song?

Words - Energy & Life

Words we write or speak have a life of there own… rippling into the expanse of the universe.

The written or spoken words we use carry meaning, as well as energy, from ourselves to others.  When we write a poem, a love letter, a song, make a journal entry, or write a story, etc., whatever the case, these words have a life of their own. Take music for example, music creates waves and energy

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Daddy’s Little Girl

My Dad was my protector, provider and my hero.  I am so blessed to have had him as a role model and teacher of life, relationships and family.  He was not a perfect man, no man nor woman is, but he was perfect for me and my family.  I still reflect back on the many lessons in life that he’s shared and pleasantly surprised of how the little nuggets of his wisdom are surfacing more and more as I’ve matured.   

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Generations of Tough Love

I recently saw the trailer for the movie “Fences” that stars Viola Davis and Denzel Washington.  There were a few scenes that raised my eyebrow and that transitioned to an “aha” moment.   There are several scenes throughout the trailer where Viola (Rose) and Denzel’s (Troy) characters are in a heated discussion about their son (Cory).  My “aha” moment was seeing Troy’s relationship with his son.  He was so hard on his son.  So much so that his son didn’t feel loved—let alone liked—by his father.  The father (Troy) was so hell bent on making him tough so he could deal with the real world, he couldn’t see the hurt and pain he was causing his son. 

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