Worthy – Am I?

The question of worthiness comes up in many areas of our lives. Have you ever really thought about this and really asked yourself, “What does worthiness really mean to me?”  

Is your worth conditional?  Let’s see. Consider your answers to any of the following questions:

  1. Living in a certain neighborhood or home?
  2. Looking and/or dressing a certain way?  
  3. Making a certain amount of money by a certain age or be married with x# of kids?
  4. Having the “right” job with the right company or firm?

If your answer is “Yes”, to any one of these questions, stop and ask yourself this-- How does this solidify your worth?  I challenge you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself, “What is really behind the Yes?”  I did and realized that…

I used to pride myself in making sure I was together from head to toe. I was connected with the “in crowd” the so called movers and shakers, attended great parties, events, shopped at the high-end stores, dined at great restaurants, etc., for years.  Some would describe it as “Keeping up with the Joneses.”   

I realized that nothing was working for me any more – the job, the pretentious people, even the clothes, parties, etc., no longer mattered because none of it brought any real value to my life.  None of it defined me or my worthiness as a human being.  

The key to worthiness is through accepting and honoring our divinity and knowing who we are as a human being.  That in itself is so powerful.  Embracing and owning the fact that we are born worthy transforms our minds.  How we show up in the world, with family and friends, is an opportunity to empower others to do the same. 

Self-worth is not who you’re with, what you have, what you wear, or what you do.  It’s all about you from the inside out; the human spirit, what’s in your heart, loving yourself and knowing that without a doubt that you are born worthy.  

We are all unique individuals, divinely created and beautiful in our own right. We are here on this planet to serve – inspire, uplift and empower each other, because we are WORTHY!      

I was born worthy and so were you!