Introduction and Dedication

December 7th is a date that holds a very special meaning to me, and so it is with great love and pride that I introduce Pretty Birdsong, which was created on February 14, 2016, on the beautiful island of Kauai after many, many, months of challenges.  
I dedicate Pretty Birdsong to my family and in particular, my younger brother, Roland, who was born on this day in 1965 and transitioned on December 10, 2013.  My brother was the epitome of living and loving life to the fullest.  He was an example of what it means to be a man of courage and faith.  He dealt with his diagnosis of terminal cancer with remarkable grace, love, and kindness.  He was a big kid at heart with a gentle spirit, a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor, and as charming as can be.  While on his dream vacation, spring of 2013, we sat and talked about life in general and his final wishes when he expressed to me the same words as our father said to me a few years prior, before he transitioned:  “Robin, live your life.”  It was if my brother had channeled my Dad in that moment…and, I was speechless.  

Those words became a silent whisper in my ears and I struggled with those words for a couple of years because I was afraid to admit that I didn’t know how to do that.  I didn’t know how to live my life, where to begin, or if I had the courage to figure that out.  I had spent most of my life “being supportive” of everyone else and placing everyone else as a priority.  I constantly looked for ways to keep busy so I didn’t have to think about those words or what I really wanted in my life.  It seemed much easier not to. However, I learned the universe knows your heart. And what the heart desires, will surface eventually.  I learned what it meant to sit still and connect with my spirit and began to ask myself...”Why? Why not? What is holding you back?”  I really struggled to answer, but little by little, I’d open up enough to see a glimpse of possibilities.

Mid February, 2016, I accepted an invitation from an amazing sister-girlfriend, to get away and focus on what I wanted to create in my life. This time spent in Kauai allowed me to connect and create the name of my company Pretty Birdsong, and through the on-going creative process, I became very clear on my intentional purpose.  
I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my beautiful daughter, whom I refer to as “T-Baby”. Through her eyes, I see a reflection of love, courage and limitless possibilities.  To my parents, for their love and efforts to break the generational cycle.  And to my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and close friends, I am so grateful and so very blessed to have you as my family.  

My creative journey, roughly 9 months and a few days, has led me to this moment in time to present Pretty Birdsong to you.  Enjoy!